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In version 3.4.2 on request of number of users new tool has been added into MapIt.

The ‘Measurement tool’ allows to measure distances and areas without a need to create a feature. To activate the tool just single click the ‘Measurement button’, To switch between the ‘Distance’ and ‘Area’ mode – long press the button.

Measurement Tool

Measurement Tool


Depending what mode is selected you can measure distances or areas – Long Press the button to change the mode.

Measurement Tool - Distance Mode

Measurement Tool – Distance Mode


Measurement Tool - Area mode

Measurement Tool – Area mode


When the tool is active (pink color) – the line or polygon is being drawn on the map when you add vertexes using ‘Add Point’ button on the toolbar. You can also remove last added point pressing the ‘Back’ button on the toolbar.

‘Measurement Tool’ button can be hidden – you can hide it in ‘General Settings’:

Show/Hide Measurement Tool

Show/Hide Measurement Tool


Measurement tool can be activated or de-activated with a single click on the button.


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