MapIt – navigation drawer

Navigation drawer can be opened using icon   ic_drawer in the top-left corner  of the main screen or by by moving your finger across the screen from the left edge of the device to the right.

The navigation drawer slides in from the left and allows navigation between major modules of the application.
Below you can find quick description of the options available with links to separate articles if available.



MapIt - Navigation Drawer

MapIt – Navigation Drawer


1. Base Map selection – there is number of on-line map sources available. Just pick the one you need from the drop-down list.

2. Google Overlays – MapIt can display overlays to standard base map. You can use WMS or ArcGIS Tiled map services as a source for the overlay. Please follow the articles below to get more information. Separate extension or MapIt Pro is required to use this function.

3. Mapbox & Offline Maps – to use offline maps you need a separate extension or MapIt Pro. Please follow the links below to get more              information:

4. Set Active Layer – You can use this quick action to quickly swap the active layer. If you want to hide a warning message when switching the layer you can do it in the app settings. To be able to add new features to the active layer please make sure the ‘Measurement Tool’ is switched off and desired layer name is displayed on the status bar.

5. Manage Layers – Data in MapIt can be organised using layers. Each layer supports single geometry type, so one layer can hold points, line or polygons. To be able to add/register new data you need to have one of the layers set as Active.

‘Manage Layers’ section is allowing you to do operations like Add/Edit/Export/Clear/Remove or see underlying features for every layer.

Please follow the articles below to get more information related to layers:

6. Manage Attributes – Attributes can be organised in the attribute sets and then optionally set as default when you create new layer. Attributes can be defined ones only and used by multiple layers, allowing you to pick pre-defined values from the drop-down lists. Each attribute set should contain one or more fields and each field should contain some values.

To allow free text/number entry for a field instead of the drop-down list check field as a TextBox – in this scenario you can also define the data type and set a default field value.

More information is available in articles:

7. Backup Management – For security reasons you should always keep a fresh copy of your data. You can use this module to create the copy of entire MapIt database and restore the data if required.

8. MapIt Extensions – you can check available MapIt extensions and extension’s status in this section.



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  1. Inge Bücker says:

    Hi Andrzej,

    in Navigator I can select Open Street Map as Base Map and it is shown.
    But this selection is not saved. When MapIt was closed and started again Google Map is shown as Base Map automatically.
    Is it possible to save the Base Map selection?
    Thanks, Inge

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