Available MapIt Extensions

MapIt is a free app but to use it as a production tool there is number of extensions to chose from and tailor the app for your needs.

Following extensions are available:

1. MapIt Pro – it’s giving you access to all MapIt features, without need to worry to buy anything else now and in the future. ‘All in One’ solution gives you access to all the extensions listed below and some features like:

  • Track recording for line and polygon features and
  • Backup management section

available exclusively for MapIt Pro users.


MapIt Extensions

MapIt Extensions

MapIt Extensions List

MapIt Extensions List


2. Export Data Extension – This extension is required to export the data. Please read the articles below to get more information about it:

3. MapBox & Offline Maps – Possibility to access your on-line MapBox maps and set them as a basemap. This extensions is also required to use offline .mbtiles as a map overlay.

4. Geoid Height for GPS – If you would like to record the orthometric height instead of the ellipsoidal GPS height which assumes the Earth to be totally homogeneous as if there be would no mountains or trenches this extension will do the job and no post processing is needed.

5. MapIt Lines & Polygons – allows to add more then 2 line or polygon features with more than 10 vertexes.

6. Google Maps Overlays – Access to number of predefined WMS and ArcGIS Tiled services and option to add your own services if required.