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GPS Status

GPS Info ScreenGPS Status (GPS Info window) allows user to monitor current GPS or GNSS performance. It contains number of useful information and some information might be specific only to externally connected GNSS (global navigation satellite system) system able to provide RTK corrected coordinates.   The RTK corrected coordinates accuracy […]

GPS Info Screen

Coordinates conversion – EPSG code

Starting from version 4.1.0 (published on Google Play on the 13-06-2016) – there is possibility to use common EPSG codes for coordinates’ conversion in MapIt. This functionality uses PRJ4 library (https://github.com/Proj4J/proj4j) to convert coordinates from WGS84 to local coordinate systems and vice versa. To enable the custom EPSG conversion in […]

Laser range finer used to register new points.

Project Point – How to use Bluetooth rangefinder 4

Starting from version 3.8.0 Distance & Bearing method of adding points has been extended to support popular Laser rangefinders. This enables the user to automatically input distance and bearing readings from the rangefinder to MapIt.   MapIt has been tested with 2 popular range finders:            – LTI […]

Measurement tool 5

In version 3.4.2 on request of number of users new tool has been added into MapIt. The ‘Measurement tool’ allows to measure distances and areas without a need to create a feature. To activate the tool just single click the ‘Measurement button’, To switch between the ‘Distance’ and ‘Area’ mode […]