Monthly Archive: September 2015

Generate mbtiles – node.js & mapnik 0

Generate mbtiles – node.js & mapnik

Usually to generate mbtiles we do require some 3rd party software, however there is one method which at the end does require only one command to be executed and we can create mbtiles from...

Navigate to feature 0

Navigate to feature

Possibility to navigate to feature has been introduced in MapIt 3.3.4. To start navigation you need to be on ‘Edit Feature’ screen and press the arrow symbol on the toolbar:   This tool is NOT a full...

Google Maps Overlays – OSM Type Services 2

Google Maps Overlays – OSM Type Services

Open Street Map is the world’s biggest open source mapping project and is now well recognised mark by anyone who is interested in mapping of any kind. In addition to ArcGIS Tiled map services...